Understanding Dab Rigs

In all the discussion and talk about the world’s shift towards legalization, it’s hard to go one day without noticing marijuana-related news. There are new ways to indulge in your favorite strains, to breakthroughs in medical research, which highlight the potential benefits of this medicinal plant.

And when it comes to cannabis concentrates, they are at the center of the discussion. in response to demand from the public, this type of cannabis is potent and exciting. If you’re hoping to experiment with concentrates, dabbing is one of the most effective methods of doing so.

Concentrates, as their name implies, are concentrated versions of your preferred herb and are a great way to get the ganja you love, and only one small amount is needed to feel the powerful psychoactive effects.

But, unlike dry herbs (which can be smoked or vaporized) concentrates require a unique technique called dabbing.

It is necessary to have specific equipment and also some fundamental knowledge of what each kind of gadget can do. Below we’ve compiled a run-down on all things dabbing and how to pick the most appropriate dabbing tool for your requirements.

But First, What Are Dabs?

In simple terms in simple terms, dabs are concentrated amounts of cannabis. They are produced through the use of one of the solvents (often carbon dioxide or butane) to release the active substances of the plant in a concentrated state.

After they have CBD, TCH, and other cannabinoids have been successfully extracted this results in an oily, sticky mixture that is commonly called any of the following depending on the exact extraction method used, as well as the consistency of the mixture:

  • Budder
  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Butane Hash Oil (BHO)
  • And other…

What Is Dabbing?

If you’ve learned what a “dab” is, it’s time to find out what you can do with the devices such as glass pipes. To make dabs, they have to be heated by a hot surface. This surface is known as a “nail” and is often made of ceramic, glass, or quartz.

In the event of heating by the dab, the smoke and vapor of the dab are inhaled. The entire process is called “dabbing” and although it’s been around for a while now, it has recently gained traction as a way to enjoy the flood of cannabis concentrates on the market.

How Dabbing Works

Dabbing is a method of smoke concentrates with convective heating rather than conductive heat. Convective heating can be healthier, smoother, and more efficient because it doesn’t “burn off” and waste the essential and active ingredients within the concentrated. When the material is burned at a lower temperature and using indirect heat instead of direct flame, the user can enjoy greater levels of psychoactive chemicals, and purer, cleaner, and better-tasting hits.

Dab rigs work by an operation that involves two main steps. First, a torch heats the primary surface (also known as the “nail”), next a concentrated “dab” is placed on the heated nail. After that, you breathe and exhale the resulting vapor into the mouthpiece just as you would with a regular pipe.